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14 other use of Cola Drink

 1) Coca-Cola as a toilet cleaner to clean the toilet with the help of Coke, you just need to pour it into the toilet and wait. Chemicals corrode everything except ceramic. An hour later, just once Walk a brush, wash off and you're done! 2) Cola as a spotter Why buy expensive paint thinners, if there is a stake. 3) Just add a little bit of cola in the wash, and the clothes will be spotlessly clean. Moreover, thanks to the phosphoric acid and carbon dioxide chemicals included in the beverage have a deodorizing effect. 4) Kola - cleaner for glass Due contained therein citric acid soda may be used for cleaning glasses. Windows and other glass surfaces will shine with cleanliness. From today, I will not be easy to order in a restaurant cleaner glass with ice cubes. 5) cola as a means of insect control Just like us, insects like this sweet pop. But unlike us, they should try it as soon as they die immediately. For example, if you pour cola anthill, you can kill the entire ant

Reduce Mobile Internet Usage on Your Android Phone

Turn Off Mobile Data When Not in Use There are times when you do not use your phone a certain period of time, like while you are driving or sleeping or you are in a meeting. All you have to do is, go to the notification panel on your android phone and turn the mobile data option off as shown in the picture. You can turn the mobile data off to avoid excessive data usage at these times, in case you are not expecting an urgent e-mail, which you will not be able to check, if you are not connected or online. Use Wi-Fi to Update Apps Visit the Play Store on your android phone and then go to the settings option and check the Auto-update apps option. Please ensure that the Auto-update apps on Wi-Fi only option is selected or highlighted as shown in the image here. You also have the option to not auto update the apps at all. However, if you do that, you will have to update the apps manually and that could be time consuming and even frustrating at times. Moreover, you may not remember to update

Symptoms of a RAM Problem

1.  You turn on your computer and it runs fine. You go about your normal tasks and notice that your computer performance decreases. By lunch time the load times of a typical website seem to be measured in minutes. Does the problem occur not just with internet websites, but also with running local programs? This type of gradual deterioration of PC performance, especially with memory intensive programs, may be caused by a RAM problem. 2.  Does your computer restart randomly when you are in the middle of something? Your computer may just have booted and begins to load your desktop and then immediately reboots. It may freeze up sporadically. This could be a sign of faulty RAM. 3.  Your screen flashes a blue screen with white text before restarting. Blue Screen errors can be one of the most annoying things to happen to your computer because you don't have a chance to read the error message. Many things can cause this problem and bad memory is one of them. 4.  Have you found that files a

How to add Image/ rich text signature in Gmail

A  rich text signature   is a bit of text (such as your contact information or a favorite quote) that’s automatically inserted at the bottom of every message you send. Here's a sample signature: Step -1 Go to setting tab in your G mail account Step:2 Click on icon to expand.You will see below image How do I switch on Rich formatting for my Gmail signature and emails? Step:3 1.Click on the Compose button in the left hand menu on Gmail. 2.Click on the Rich formatting link above the text message box.After successfully changing this you will see below image Step:4 Then go to setting --> signature Step:5 To add a signature upload the image to any picture uploading site.Here is our signature Step:6 PS: Don't forget to save changes at bottom!!

Is your Password Safe And Strong ?

Your password should never be the name a person, place or thing that is familiar to you or can be associated with you. Even by adding numbers to it, most people still choose numbers that mean something to them, like a birthdate, address, or phone number. The Best Passwords The best passwords make no sense. Alternate -- using random numbers, letters and symbols with upper and lower case. Write them down and change them often, at least once every three to six months or when you see suspicious activity on your accounts. If you ever hear news reports that a certain company's database has been hacked or they leaked email address/account numbers, and you have an account there, change your password immediately. If you get suspicious emails stating that you have to update your account information, do not click. If the email contains any personal information about you, change your password by going putting the URL into a separate browser window/tab, and take care of it from there. Don't

4 Ways To Make Money On Facebook

1)Facebook Affiliate Marketing Create a Page on Facebook about on any topic you are fascinated about. It can be on Tattos, Books, Music etc. Then try to gain some quick fans. In the beginning suggest your friends to join the Page which you've created. Do some article marketing and provide useful tips related to your focused topic on which you've created the page.Paste your page link below the article and tell your readers to visit the link for additional details about the product. As soon you have a minimum of 1K or one thousand fans, you can pick a product from, relevant to your niche or topic to promote. But do not over promote. Put it once or twice a month . 2)Facebook Groups:  It is also based on the same technique used for facebook pages. Just gather more members for your group. Make it interesting and promote your product to make some extra money by affiliate marketing 3)Facebook Application Development: Did you ever think why people

How to use Virtual Credit Card.

Virtual Card is a limit Debit card, which can be created using the Internet Banking facility for ecommerce (online) transactions. The Card can be used to shop online at any merchant website that accepts Visa Cards, without any difference from a regular plastic Card. The Card will be issued by marking a lien on the selected account and actual debit to the account will take place only when the Card is used. M any people feel unsafe when using their own credit card because they fear their card information will be compromised for fraudulent purposes. One important advantage of  virtual card is that you won't ever have to be concerned about revealing your personal information on the internet. Virtual credit cards are, as the term describes, online cards which are not issued physically. It is a free service offered by banks to customers who wish to make an online payment using their credit cards. Features of Virtual Cards. More secure:- >It reduces the risk of exposing the underlyin

Amazing Photos - collection

Click on picture to Zzzooom!  protesting for bad road. That Skill... One hell of an idea... 'Love' Traffic sign. Wating.... Thats one of a kind Mom! Sleeepy..after night work. 100% original toys Just followed Bible Profile Pic. Yey ...use your imagination.

Cleaning up your Gmail inbox

Over the years, mail tends to build up, and many of us are probably reaching those limits now(15GB).+Milan Antony. Here is a quick clean your Gmail inbox. 1. Sign in to Gmail > go to the big search bar at the top. 2. First, let's clear out the emails taking up the most space. Type Larger:10M in the search bar > hit enter or click the magnifying glass icon. 3. This will find emails taking up more than 10MB. Now select the mails you don't want > delete (trash can icon). 4. You can experiment with different file sizes, depending on how much you need to delete. 5. The obvious next step is to clear out emails from the long ago. You can use Before:YYYY/MM/DD to specify a cutoff date, or older_than:years if you want to search for mails that are one, two or more years old. For example, if you want mails that are older than one year, you can type older_than:1y > press enter to see the list, and then select mails > delete to make space. 6. You can use combinations

Stop Auto Downloading in WhatsApp

Android WhatsApp for Android has a switch that lets you stop images and videos from downloading. Here's how you can do it: 1. Open WhatsApp, make sure you are seeing the main window - where all your chats are displayed. Tap the three vertical dots on the top right > Settings. 2. Now tap Chat settings > Media auto-download. You'll see three options: When using cellular data, When connected on Wi-Fi and When roaming. Tap each one and disable auto-downloads by unchecking all three options - Images, Audio and Video. To view photos, you will have to download them. When you do, WhatsApp saves them in a folder, and you can get inundated with stupid memes and other unwanted content, which is visible to anyone who open's your phone's Gallery App. However, it is possible to stop these photos from appearing in the Gallery app. Here's how: or use apps like

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication For Gmail and Facebook

Gmail Your Google account is probably the one you want to secure first. Not only is your email account a repository of all sorts of important information, but also, since our email ids are the default way to sign into Web services today, your Gmail account can also serve as a gateway to all your other accounts. To set up two-factor authentication, you need to take the following steps: 1. Go to Google Account Security and under Password, look for 2-step Verification. 2. Click setup. On the next page, click Start Set Up. 3. At the next page, sign in. In the box, enter your phone number. 4. Choose the mode by which you will receive the code > click Send code. 5. A six-digit code will arrive on your phone via text message or by a call. Enter the code on the website and click Verify > Next > Confirm. 6. Next, Google will ask you to reconnect all your apps and devices. If you've configured apps to access your Google account on any device, you will have to create a separate a

How data in iphone securely removed remotely

The first step is making sure the service is on your device now. On your iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud. Slide the switch to turn on Find my iPad, and it is on. This can be useful in case you lose your phone, or sell it without remembering to wipe all the data. Assuming you had enabled this service, deleting everything is simple. First, log in to iCloud using your Apple ID. Click All Devices at the top and select your iPhone from the list of devices. Select Erase iPhone from the box that pops up on the top-right > click Erase in the next popup. After you've clicked on Erase, a new button pops up, labeled Remove from Account. Click this, to de-link that phone from your account and prevent the next owner from accessing your data. In case you sold your iPhone without deleting your data and Find My iPhone isn't enabled on your phone, then the best you can do is change the password of your Apple ID. This won't stop the next owner from accessing data already stored on the

Backup Your WhatsApp Messages for Android

Step:1 Open WhatsApp and hit the menu button (three vertical dots on the top-right) > Settings > Chat Settings > Backup conversations. Step:2 This file will be stored as "msgstore.db.crypt7" in your phone's /WhatsApp/Databases folder. WhatsApp recommends that you rename this file to "msgstore.db.crypt7.current", without the quotes, to make it easy to find when you want to restore the backup. Step:3 To restore conversations from a backup, uninstall WhatsApp and find the correct backup file from the WhatsApp folder. Slightly older backups are named "msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt7". In order to restore any of these, rename the file to "msgstore.db.crypt7". Step:4 Now reinstall WhatsApp. Once you verify your phone number, WhatsApp will show a prompt saying that it has found backed up messages. Tap Restore, choose the correct backup file and wait for the conversations to appear in the app.

Apple Pay

Apple announced a new wireless payment system on the iPhone 6 that allows users to make credit-card payments .This   systems  take mobile payments wirelessly through near-field, communication (NFC) Apple on Tuesday introduced its new mobile payments tool, called Apple Pay, which will be included on the iPhone 6, as well as the company’s new wearable device, Apple Watch. Credit-card numbers are never transmitted to a merchant who accepts the wireless payments. Instead, Apple Pay sends a one-time payment number and security code. Credit cards can be added by taking a picture of one with an iPhone to add it to Passbook.

Review Apple iphone 6 and Apple watch

Pros &  Cons by  +Milan Antony   Evolution  ---> gave us mouse --> helps us to scroll  tons of music --> introduced multi touch --> and now force touch with Apple watch. Pros A wireless charger that clips to the back of the watch magnetically. A sapphire crystal display, the same extremely hard material used for the iPhone's camera. A "digital crown" on the side of the watch to scroll through items, zoom and return to the home screen. A wide range of bands and finishes, including an 18-karat gold edition. A heart-rate sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and the ability to send vibrations to your friends by touching your Apple Watch. Turn-by-turn directions that lets users know which direction to go by vibrating in a certain way. Cons The Apple Watch still relies on the iPhone to operate, which means it can't be used on its own, much like smart watches from competitors like Samsung and LG. The watch, which will go on sale "early next year" f

Firefox tricks to take screenshot without any addon or tool

This tutorial will  helps you to take  screenshot right from Firefox without any addon or third party tool Step 1: Open developer tool in Firefox(Ctr+shift+I) Step 2: Look for   Responsive Design View in the menu Step 3: You can select which screen-size to take screenshot and just click on camera icon to take screenshot. Here is few other shortcuts Downloads Ctrl + Shift + Y Add-ons Ctrl + Shift + A Toggle Developer Tools F12 Ctrl + Shift + I Web Console Ctrl + Shift + K Inspector Ctrl + Shift + C Debugger Ctrl + Shift + S Style Editor Shift + F7 Profiler Shift + F5 Network Ctrl + Shift + Q Developer Toolbar Shift + F2 Responsive Design View Ctrl + Shift + M Scratchpad Shift + F4   <----- Try this  Page Source Ctrl + U Browser Console Ctrl + Shift + J Page Info Ctrl + I Get Full list at

Meghalaya - the world record for humidity

This state of Meghalaya, India. In the mountains of East Khasi Mosinrem is the town known as the rainiest place in the world. Annual rainfall is more than 11 870 mm. People who work outdoors, often wear unusual huge umbrellas that cover the entire body and made of bamboo and banana leaves. One of the most interesting and beautiful features in the region are "living bridges" from rubber trees, which, unlike conventional bridges, over time, due to the development of the root systems are becoming stronger and stronger.

Amazing photos

Not Photoshop'd .Right person at right time

Salpa Maggiore - transparent fish

New Zealand fisherman Stuart Fraser during the regular fishing near Karikari Peninsula was lucky enough to catch a rare fish species - Salpa Maggiore. At first, he took her for a crumpled plastic bag, slowly sliding across the surface of the water, but looking more closely, I realized that this is some sort of a living creature.

9 Health benefit of cocunut

1) Populations That Eat a LOT of Coconut Are Among The Healthiest  People on The Planet 2) Coconut Oil Can Increase Your Energy Expenditure, Helping You Burn More Fat 3) The Lauric Acid in Coconut Oil Can Kill Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi, Helping to Stave Off Infections 4) The Fatty Acids in Coconut Oil Are Turned into Ketones, Which Can Reduce Seizures 5) Coconut Oil Can Improve Blood Cholesterol Levels and May Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease 6) Coconut Oil Can Protect Hair Against Damage, Moisturize Skin and Function as Sunscreen 7) The Fatty Acids in Coconut Oil Can Boost Brain Function in Alzheimer’s Patients 8) Coconut Oil Can Help You Lose Fat, Especially The Dangerous Fat in Your Abdominal Cavity 9) The body metabolizes coconut oil instead of storing it, thus it gives you energy rather than making you fatter. The body metabolizes coconut oil instead of storing it, thus it gives you energy rather than making you fatter.  Determine how much coconut oil you should consume daily, d