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DarkComet Trojan virus, Remote Access Trojan (RAT) attack on Macintosh

Message from Trojan  (RAT). If you see below message in your system you are infected Hello I'm the BlackHole Remote Administration Tool. I'm a trojan horse, so I have infected your Mac Computer. I know, most people think that Macs can't be infected, but look, you ARE infected! I have full controll [sic] over your Computer and I can do everything I want, and you can do nothing to prevent it. So, Im [sic] a very new virus, under Development, so there will be much more functions when I'm finished. But for now, it's okay what I can do. To show you what I can do, I will reboot your Computer after you have clicked the Button right down. Appears to be a mix of German and English in the user interface. Its functions include:  Placing text files on the desktop  Sending a restart, shutdown or sleep command  Running arbitrary shell commands  Placing a full screen window with a message that only allows you to click reboot  Sending URLs to the client to open a website Popping up

Android hack for Desktop using Data Compression Proxy in Google Chrome

Data Compression Proxy for Google Chrome is an experimental extension for Google Chrome bringing Chrome Data Compression Proxy from mobile to desktop PCs The extension sends all HTTP (but not HTTPS) traffic through Chrome Data Compression Proxy server, which uses SPDY protocol to speed up web browsing. Enabled state is indicated by a green icon. You can manually disable the proxy by clicking on the icon. When the proxy raises an error, it is being automatically disabled for 30 sec, so that the request can be resent The statistics at chrome://net-internals/#bandwidth could be 0.0 due to a Chromium bug. The extension works anyway as long as you see the following response header: via: 1.1 Chrome Compression Proxy Get IT

Old Cassette Case as a Stand for your Mobile Phone

Touch screen phones: How to use old cassette case as a stand? you should have thought of an idea like this.I personally never thought something that simple to solve the problem, before seeing this video.

How safe is your battery in mobile and laptop?

Lithium-ion battery Facts A battery is essentially a chemical experiment happening in a small metal canister. Connect the two ends of a battery to something like a flashlight and chemical reactions begin: chemicals inside the battery slowly but systematically break apart and join themselves together to make other chemicals, producing a stream of positively charged particles called ions and negatively charged electrons. The ions move through the battery; the electrons go through the circuit to which the battery's connected, providing electrical energy that drives the flashlight. The only trouble is, this chemical reaction can happen only once and in only one direction: that's why ordinary batteries usually can't be recharged. The big difference is that the chemical reactions in a rechargeable battery are reversible: when the battery is discharging the reactions go one way and the battery gives out power; when the battery is charging, the reactions go in the opposite directio