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Whatsapp on Web 2015 update

Update the WhatsApp app on your phone. 1.Open web.whatsapp.com in Chrome. Other browsers are not supported for now. 2. You will see a QR code. Open WhatsApp and go into menu by pressing on three dots…

Super Brain Yoga

In case you haven't heard of Super Brain Yoga,its clean, simple,effective yoga which activate left and right hemisphere of brain according to peoples--experts.just spend 5 minutes daily and get a…

Alternative home button for iPhone and iPad

extensive usage mean s that the home button can become unresponsive.Hare is how  you should enable the software home button option on your iOS device. Open  Settings . Go to  General  >  Accessibi…

10 Food know to reduce your weight

anti Adblock script into your blog

Adblockers are addons or plugins for browsers like google chrome,mozilla firefox etc. which is used to block ads on your blogs or websites when some one visits and has adblocker installed. Now a d…

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