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How to set ICE(In Case of Emergency Call) in Android phone?

Let me show you How to set ICE(In Case of Emergency) call .If care about your near and dear one, Please do share this if you haven't set ICE in your mobile phone. Step:1 You can see Emergency call option in your lock screen.To see ICE number, first you have to set any mobile number from your phone contact or you can create a new contact.Remember this number should be of a well know person or contact,who have a close connection with you.   Step:2 If you need to create new contact,please do so as below screen Step:3  Here you will see different groups.Tap on  ICE-emergency contacts and add contact Step:4 You can either create a New contact or select an existing contact. Step:5 For Demo i have created two contact, Emergency1 and Emergency2.Select two to four contact. Step:6  Now Tap on the picture as show in below picture to see ICE contact. Step:7  Select Contact and you will seethe phone starting to dial that number. Please Share.!!

Adblock plus a case study

Almost everyone knows what  Adblock can do.AdBlockPlus was created Eyeo GmbH.When a page loads, the HTML code “calls” all sorts of modules, sometimes 10 or 15.  Each sends a request to an ad server and sometimes, for the richest content, the ad elements trigger the activation of a third-party plug-in like Adobe’s Shockwave which will work hard to render the animated ads. Most of the time, these ads are poorly optimized because creative agencies don’t waste their precious time on such trivial task as providing clean, efficient code to their clients. Eyeo’s AdBlock Plus takes the advertising rejection in its own hands — but these are greedy and dirty ones. According to Eyeo   Whitelisting is free for all small and medium-sized websites and blogs. Whitelisting is free for all small and medium-sized websites and blogs.Eyeo is said to have snatched $30m from big internet players; not bad for a less than 30 people operation. Study list: 1 .single private entity cannot decide what is acceptab

Are you still Surfing Internet Naked?

Free internet is the goal of any new internet surfer.How to keep your data safe when you're on a public wireless network. Tunneling Your Traffic Anyone who connects to the  public wireless network , could spy on your HTTP traffic.You can fix this problem by creating an encrypted tunnel through which you can send Web traffic that originates at your laptop and ends at a known location. Easy, Cheap Security via SSH SSH was created as an encrypted version of telnet, one of the Internet's original protocols, used to send character information between computers. Get an SSH Client OS X ships with a command-line SSH client, so all you need to do is open Terminal (located in the Utilities folder within your Application folder). You will see a command prompt that has your username and your computer's name, followed by the $ symbol. All of the commands in the following sections will be things that you type just beside that symbol. On Windows, you need to download an SSH client. You ha

Top secrets in smartphone industry

The average lifespan of smartphones down to new models that are often planned for two years, has been the trick of smartphone manufacturers. This forces users to get a new smartphone. As early as 1920, the global market for electric bulbs companies like Osarm , Philips, General Electrical, decided to form Phoebus Cartel , entered into a confidentiality agreement. All newly manufactured electric bulbs life limited to 1,000 hours. It was decided to make the changes needed for the construction of quality, technology and Scrap (remember, was the average life of 1,500 hours, even in the early Edison made ). For more read ' The light Bulb Conspiracy' documentary which was published in 2010, which was based on Planned obsolescence by Phoebus group. Even in production stage it is planned based on business interests to reduce the life of the product Usually four or five years ago, he bought desktop/ laptop computers are still functional, so you can take in all the basic needs. Ho

DNS leaks- problem when using free Wi-fi

According to Kaspersky lab 70% of tablet owners and 53% of smartphone / mobile phone owners stated that they use public Wi-Fi hotspots. However, because data sent through public Wi-Fi can easily be intercepted, many mobile device and laptop users are risking the security of their personal information, digital identity, and money. Furthermore, if their device or computer is not protected by an effective security and anti-malware product… the risks are even greater Solution....VPN using a VPN when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, you’ll effectively be using a ‘private tunnel’ that encrypts all of your data that passes through the network. This can help to prevent cybercriminals – that are lurking on the network – from intercepting your data. Under certain conditions, even when connected to the anonymity network, the operating system will continue to use its default DNS servers instead of the anonymous DNS servers assigned to your computer by the anonymity network. DNS leaks are a