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CVE-2015-7547 MegaBug wating to hit electronic devices

TechGlyphs Editor A highly critical vulnerability has been uncovered in the GNU C Library (glibc), a key component of most Linux distributions, that leaves nearly all Linux machines, thousands of apps and electronic devices vulnerable to hackers. GNU C Library (glibc) is a collection of open source code that powers thousands of standalone apps and most Linux distributions, including those distributed to routers and other types of hardware.The flaw can be exploited when an affected device or app make queries to a malicious DNS server that returns too much information to a lookup request and floods the program's memory with code. This code then compromises the vulnerable application or device and tries to take over the control over the whole system. It is possible to inject the domain name into server log files, which when resolved will trigger remote code execution. An SSH (Secure Shell) client connecting to a server could also be compromised. However, an attacker need to bypass sev

Software bug in Apple's iOS operating system that could kill your iPhone, iPad or iPod Dead Permanently

Changing the date and time system in iOS ie, changing your iPhone's or any iOS device's date to January 1, 1970, will kill your iPhone forever. Do Not Try This Trick with your iOS device really This bug affects any iOS device that uses 64-bit A7, A8, A8X, A9 and A9X processors and runs iOS 8 or newer, including iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. However, for those running on 32-bit iOS versions are not affected by this issue.This bug is related to UNIX timestamp epoch that causes the kernel to crash. The only way to get it back is to open the device's casing and physically disconnect the battery from the logic board. This could only be done with the help of Apple's Genius Bar. This process will reset the iPhone's date and allow it to boot.While there isn't any other fix at the moment, Apple is expected to come up with a software update to fix and unbrick the affected iOS devices.

Beware gravitational waves going to seep Earth in hours

"The driving force of the universe is gravity," said Tuck Stebbins, Gravitational Astrophysics Lab Chief at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center." Now we are no longer observing the universe with telescopes using ultraviolet light or visible light but we are listening to the noises produced by the effects of the gravitation of celestial bodies on the fabric of space-time, which could come from stars or black holes," she told AFP. Gravitational waves are emitted by orbiting bodies and certain other accelerated masses. Right now, major international efforts are underway to detect gravitational waves directly. Once detection is possible, the scientists hope to use gravitational waves to “listen” to some of the most violent processes in the universe: merging black holes and/or neutron stars, or the core region of supernova explosions. What do gravitational waves do? But what do gravitational waves do? For that, let us look at a simplified, entirely hypothetical situat