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Pokémon GO or don't be a dumb please grow up

The augmented reality game from Nintendo based on the uber popular Pokemon franchise has been a hit right from launch. Stats: Pokemon Go Daily Active Users in the US: 26 million daily active users Estimated number of times Pokemon Go has been downloaded to date: 30 million downloads Estimated amount Pokemon Go made in its first day :between $3.9 million-$4.9 million Estimated amount of revenue Pokemon Go generates from the iOS App Store in the US: $1.6 million daily Amount Nintendo’s market value increased the first 5 days after Pokemon Go was launched: $9 billion 1. Malicious versions of the Pokémon GO app that install a backdoor, called DroidJack , on victim's phones, enabling hackers to compromise their device completely. 2. Pokémon GO  reality game requires your GPS location and a data connection. so their is no privacy. Protect Privacy at your own cost 3.Pokemon Go Ultimate available at Google play store  is a fake app.They deliberately locks the screen of the devices imm

RedHat/CentOS7 root password reseting trick

Dam simple method to reset RedHat ,centOS7 root password I know their are many methods, but this one worked for me in my CentOS7 Append “ rd.break ” to the kernel command line that starts with linux16 (this will break just before control is handed from the initramfs to the actual system) (sometimes it is needed to delete also everything after “…mapper/rhel-root ro” and append here) #mount -o remount,rw /sysroot #chroot /sysroot #passwd #touch /.autorelabel “ exit ” and again “ exit ” and you are done.

Free TV without internet on your smart phone

Tv-On-Go Doordarshan app can be downloaded from Play store, which streams the channels to your device. Doordarshan has finally come out with the offline service which allows you to watch its channels on the smartphone without being online. Doordarshan has been contemplating the launch of such a service for a long time, and it is great to see a public service broadcaster take the lead. Although the service is free of cost, there is a need of a dongle which needs to be bought extra, to catch the signals from DD. DD has currently launched the service in 16 cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Guwahati, Patna, Ranchi, Cuttack, Lucknow, Jalandhar, Raipur, Indore, Aurangabad, Bhopal, Bangalore and Ahmedabad. The service will be expanded to other cities soon! Technology behind the service We all know smartphones are the future of media and entertainment. To access any video, we usually have to open apps like Spuul, Hotstar and YuppTV etc or just get onto YouTube. Prasar Bharti wants to let go of

20 Future technology articles

                  Technologies are developing at breakneck speed. The things that impressed us 20 years ago, seem trivial by today's standards. Thus, people in 2034 (unless, of course, Zombie Apocalypse 2017 will not destroy human civilization) will appear to take for granted things that seem magical to us today. Over the next two decades many of the technologies in this list will shape the world in ways that we we can not fully comprehend today. Most of these technologies already exist in any form; they are simply waiting for the right scientist or entrepreneur to change the world Graphene over the past few years has become a sort of buzzword in the technical community. Essentially it - a layer of carbon one atom thick, super strong, conductive and flexible material, which has a great future in various fields of biomedical devices for desalination to a much improved battery technology. Speaking of batteries ... New battery technology. Besides the already known to us graphene, re

6 Psychedelics drugs with most amazing facts.

                              Despite the fact that the hallucinogenic or psychedelic substances considered dangerous, belonging to the first section of the list of substances subject to strict control "no currently accepted medical use." Nevertheless, some researchers have tried and are trying to study their effects in the hope of developing a qualitatively new drugs. Meanwhile, the information that these experts have received as a result of long-term studies, is in a surprising and promising picture. Of course, psychedelic research understandably severely limited. In order to carry out any authorized research, the researchers have to spend huge amounts of money and go through a lot of bureaucratic red tape circles. However, for many years, eventually they managed sobrattseluyu database, indicating that many psychedelics have unprecedented potential for the treatment of cancer, harmful addictions and trauma, among other disorders. These are some of the most amazing facts tha

Blogger Tricks:Advantage of using CloudFlare

CloudFlare can be used by anyone with a website and their own domain, regardless of your choice in platform. From start to finish, setup takes most website owners less than 5 minutes. Adding your website requires only a simple change to your domain’s DNS settings. There is no hardware or software to install or maintain and you do not need to change any of your site’s existing code Web pages with ad servers and third party widgets load snappy on both mobile and computers.