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Top Affiliate earnin$g tricks revealed!

These are some issues you may face by using Affiliate marketing normally.

You sending your audience to a single website or store that is country, device or operating system specific, while your customers are all unique.People may be some different countries.

Losing commissions from affiliate programs, like the Amazon Associates Program which is country-specific.

No clue about your marketing campaigns since "raw" product URLs won't tell you who clicked your links, how many clicks you received or if any of your links actually triggered a sale.

Using an incorrect link or one that had to be changed, making the campaign that already went live worthless.

Guessed right, use a proxy specific to the country you are focusing. Hard method is to combine country specific link with proxy and provide it as a single link.But there is many website which make this job easy.


Here is few of them
1. click more to see details.

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