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In Indonesia, the cat lived for a year at the Tomb of the hostess

We have all heard stories about what a dog can be loyal, but it turns out that these may be the cat.  On the island of Java in Indonesia,  one cat lives a year at the grave of his dead mistress. The animal spends on the grave for almost a day and only occasionally excommunicated. At these moments, the cat returns to the house of his mistress, where she fed the children of the deceased woman. Cat has repeatedly mistaken for a stray and tried to take home the locals, but she always ran and returned to the grave hostess.

The cake at the confectioner Order

The author writes: I would like to share my recent order a cake for my wife. She's a fan of the universe, "Harry Potter", so wanted something topical. Rummaging in the Internet with the pastry, it was found that the most popular cake in this style is the "Book of Monsters." Her I ordered, along with a figure Dobby and Professor Snape. Plus asked to do "as much as possible all natural" and use the least sweet of mastic, and make protein-based. Expect to eventually get something like this:

Indian family who have 12 fingers and toes

Krishna Chaudhary of the Indian city of Gaya on each arm and leg has 6 fingers, as well as his father and brother. A total of 25 people has a family, and they all suffer from the same genetic disorder - polydactyly.

USA Now -What real people needed.

Latest Facebook Tricks!

Yep it's time to update your status with more spice on FB. 1) Post animated (.gif) images on Facebook Cool trick to put GIF image on your Facebook. Many other Social networking websites like Google plus allows you to Share animated gif’s images which really looks pretty. But in Facebook,  gif images are not allowed .  Don’t worry here is the trick to Post gif images on Facebook:- 1.visit a animated gif image which you want to post on FB. 3.Paste the image the link on Facebook Status and Voila its done !! 2) Download facebook photo Album in a single click 1: As soon as go the above app you are asked to Login with facebook just like in above picture 2: Now choose your friend from whom you want to download photo album you can see an arrow 2 pointing in the above picture 3: Now choose the album what you want to download 4: Just click Download button and save photo album to your desired location. 3) Create a Video with your Facebook pictures: login with y

Have you used new FREENOM DNS?

Freenom is a Anonymous Open DNS Resolver At No Cost. so Have you used new FREENOM DNS? You can use IP address and 1 , then these lookups are done faster, anonymous and more secure. Freenom operates a global AnyCast DNS network, with servers located throughout the world. The AnyCast technology allows Freenom to use the same IP addresses ( and on all these different locations. Unlike other DNS providers, like large advertising networks, Freenom does not store any IP addresses in its log files. Log files are kept for statistical reasons only and exclude any IP address information. You are guaranteed that there is a DNS resolver always close by. Freenom's DNS resolvers are located throughout the world on locations connected to many different tier1 internet network operators. Freenom's Anycast technology ensures that your computer or device chooses the closest DNS resolver. Unlike other DNS providers, like large advertising networks, F