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Disable remote root access via SSH right now.

Linux malware has been discovered Malware itself doesn't include any exploitation module to hack into Linux machines; instead, the attackers are using other Trojans and techniques to compromise devices at the first place and then create a new backdoor login account using the username as "mother" and password as "fucker."Once backdoored and the attacker gets the list of all successfully compromised Linux machines, and then logs into them via SSH protocol and installs the SOCKS5 proxy server using Linux.Proxy.10 malware on it.This Linux malware is not at all sophisticated since it uses a freeware source code of the Satanic Socks Server to setup a proxy. Linux users and administrators are recommended to tighten SSH security by limiting or disabling remote root access via SSH, and to know if your system has already been compromised, keep a regular watch on newly generated login users. Solution: Just edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and set PermitRootLogin t

What to check when using credit card in digital India

A skimming terminal is significantly larger than normal A skimmer should be longer and wider than the terminal itself to correspond to its size. That’s why a skimming terminal is noticeably larger than a true one. This is the principal feature that helps recognize fraudulent devices. No button highlights A skimmer that was inserted too quickly may block the button highlighting on the terminal. Green LED light is blocked An attachable skimmer also blocks the green LED light that should be on when the terminal scans a card. Frequent operation errors Skimmers sometimes get in the way of the magnetic strip when they scan data. This results in more operation errors and significantly slows down the normal wor bykings of the terminal. So pay attention if a terminal operates much slower than it should. A stylus is not attached All payment terminals have a stylus attached to them that clients use to enter their signature after their card has been scanned. A sk

doctors find 150 live worms in woman’s stomach

Doctors at K G Nanda Hospital at Chandauli in Uttar Pradesh removed an astonishing 150 worms from the stomach of a woman recently.The woman, Neha Begum, a resident of the same town, near Varanasi, had come to the hospital complaining of severe stomach pain and vomiting.She had visited several physicians and had found no relief.  The doctors at the hospital found an intestinal obstruction and took her to the operation theatre.Doctors said they had not expected to see what they found inside her stomach - 150 live and wriggling worms. Dr Anand Prakash Tiwari, was quoted byPatrikasaying spotting three or fourparasites was the norm, but this was the first time he had come across such a huge number of worms. Dr Tiwari said worms may have entered Neha’s body after eating green vegetables, which had not been washed thoroughly.Neha said she had been in extreme pain for weeks. Thedoctors had given her immense relief and it was like a rebirth for her she said.

This Videos invention will change your way of shooting videos

Make super crispy videos This device make your video super smooth.The important thing is to keep phone camera steady , is governed by sensors.

Technology: The largest Internet company in 2030 will be the online school

Futurist Thomas Frey predicts that in 14 years of training will be held with the participation of teachers robots. Pupils and students will develop a personalized program under the guidance of a professional bot quickly and efficiently so that finish first university courses will be for a few months. In 2030, pupils and students will be trained on the Internet, and teachers will be robotic systems. According to forecasts of the director of the Institute and senior futurist Thomas Frey Da Vinci, the world of technology has not yet reached this level. Therefore, the IT company, which will be able to build an innovative system of education will be the undisputed leader in all of the IT market. Frey does not mean neither Google, nor Apple, or Facebook. "This is a company, that we have not heard. No one so far failed to find the way to the formation of the future ", - the expert said in an interview with the Business An Insider . Analysts are advised to prepare now for t

9 most expensive things in the ownership of Donald Trump

Club "Mar a Lago" - a summer home, which cost $ 150 million. Rolls Royce Phantom worth more than 500 000 $. I would not mind a ride on such a machine! j Smart Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren worth $ 445,000. Obviously, this is not the only car Trump, but certainly one of the most expensive. Trump has several helicopters. Here are the most expensive of them, which is estimated to be approximately $ 7 million businessman collection also features 2 private aircraft. In total, these flying houses cost him 35 million dollars. The cost of the main businessman company - Trump Organization - is nearly $ 4 billion! The famous Trump Tower, which is located in Manhattan, is estimated at $ 371 million. Place of residence Trump in New York, and it was his penthouse, is estimated at $ 90 million. He impresses with its luxury: cranes, cutlery, tiles and even the plumbing made of gold there. (A contagious or something?)

This is awesome and now you could have free SSL certificates installed on your websites.

I Have just forked a GitHub Project for you to test Free Opensource SSl. Check out yourself... Step 1: Login into your cPanel server via SSH Example: # ssh root@<server ip> Step 2: Use the below commands to clone the git repository and install Let’s Encrypt plugin root@host [~]# /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/git clone root@host [~]# cd letsencrypt-cpanel root@host [~]# ./ This would install the plugin. To check, you would have to login via Browser and on left side pane scroll all the way down to plugins option. You would see Let’s encrypt plugin there. Rest I believe you could explore of your own as it's very simple enough to work with. Step 3: Uninstall At some point if you feel you don’t need this and want to remove it for good, then just run the uninstall script like the same we did to install. root@host [~]# cd letsencrypt-cpanel root@host [~]# ./

How Facebook #Hack routinely large information from your photographs.

Lot of internet users don't realize the amount of information that is now routinely extracted from photographs. Facebook  can easily tell from your photographs content. Facebook’s computer vision tags cover multiple concepts including food, objects (e.g., eyeglasses), people’s expression (are they smiling?), sports, nature (sky, mountains), and more. The best part – if you are in a group photograph, Facebook can accurately tell you the exact number of people in the frame . Chrome Extension that I hacked together in a few minutes to make it easy to see the tags that Facebook is automatically applying to you and your friends' photos. Once you install it, all the photos you see on your Facebook timeline will automatically be overlaid with their tags Chrome Extension Here Firefox Add-ons Here The goal is simply to make everyone aware of the kind of information that is routinely extracted from your own images today.

Deploying Hello World.php in Google Cloud.

Here is how we can test Google Cloud Platform (GSP) with a simple PHP application. Step 1: First you need to create a project in GSP.visit  and start creating a project.Give a suitable name first. Step 2: Go to development and enter this runtime: php55 api_version: 1 handlers: - url: /.*   script: helloworld.php Easy method is to clone a sample project to you VM and deploy. Activate Google cloud shell from above right corner. Next git clone after creating a directory in your VM space. Debug using this. * After execution is complete, you are asked to continue deployment. * $gcloud app deploy app.yaml --project tensile-octagon-705 Be sure to see the result in your browser. * *---this link will be different for you One last thing! After completing the test be su