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How to fake a fingerprint for iPhone?

[full_width] Developers have created a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone, as a way to further protect your phone and data. But with the help of certain tricks to get around this possible precaution. The exhibition of the mobile industry International World Congress (Mobile World Congres) in Barcelona Vkansee company's employees have demonstrated a way to how to use the clay and gypsum dental bypass Touch ID on the iPhone. Vkansee develops miniature fingerprint sensor.    Squeezed out of shape dental plaster.   Next, put your finger on the extruded mixture, and hold for five minutes. Then slowly lift your finger.   In the dental plaster is a fingerprint. Give him a few minutes to dry.   In the next step we attach little clay plaster to a standstill.    The photograph Vkansee two touch sensors, which have greater detail than the iPhone. That's what it's like a fingerprint sensor in your phone:   In the photo below standard optical fingerprint sensor. It

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Rosetta Disk

Rosetta Disk have a new high density analog storage device as an alternative to the quick obsolescence and fast material decay rate of typical digital storage systems. This technology, developed by Los Alamos Laboratories and Norsam Technologies , can be thought of as a kind of next generation microfiche. However, as an analog storage system, it is far superior. A 2.8 inch diameter nickel disk can be etched at densities of 200,000 page images per disk, and the result is immune to water damage, able to withstand high temperatures, and unaffected by electromagnetic radiation. This makes it an ideal backup for a long-term text image archive. Also, since the encoding is a physical image (no 1's or 0's), there is no platform or format dependency, guaranteeing readability despite changes in digital operating systems, applications, and compression algorithms.