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17 Hidden Android Features You Might Have Missed

 Hidden Android Features You Might Have Missed Android is hands-down the most popular and flexible mobile operating systems around due to its power packed features. And the best thing about it is, it lets you customize the device as per your choice. So a seemingly simple phone can become a melting pot of technology and creativity with the addition of the right apps. Reduce Eye Strain. From built-in PDF converter to blue-light filter, Android covers most of the aspects that tempt you to skip third-party app installations. So the next time you are in an experimental mood, give a shot to the built-in grayscale mode. Once enabled, it wipes out the bright colors and replaces it with a monochromatic hue. Quick Notification Access Starting with the most used feature in the new age Android phones — the quick settings menu. What do you do when you need it real quick? Normally, a downward swipe brings down first the notification drawer and then the settings menu. Display Touch Points To

Data Now can be saved on a Drop of DNA of your body

In the new study, researchers from Columbia University and the New York Genome Center ( NYGC ) demonstrated that the algorithm for streaming video on the smartphone can be almost fully unlock the potential of DNA storage and compression of additional information in the four nucleotide bases.   The idea and the general considerations of the recording, storage and retrieval of information in DNA molecules belong to Michael Neumann - Soviet scientist and physicist. In 1964, the magazine "Radio" published an article, which describes the technology of the process and data storage device - Neumann oligonucleotides (MNeimON).  In 2012, geneticists at Harvard University was able to encode a draft of a book of 53,400 words, 11 images and one program. They found that in each cubic millimeter of DNA can be stored 5.5 petabytes of data. A year later, the researchers of the European Bioinformatics Institute managed to save, and then completely remove and play about 0.6 megaby

Data transfer rate record of 186 Gbps.This broke the earlier record.

Researchers have set a new 2-way network data transfer rate record of 186 Gbps in order to help work through tons of information spewing out of the Large Hadron Collider. The researchers at Caltech, University of Michigan, and others have recently cooperated to push the limits of the amount of data that could be transferred in a wide area network. Today the computer experts acknowledge that very large quantities of data are able to be crammed down optical fibres and sent throughout the globe from continent to continent. The speeds in question are apparently equivalent to moving 2,000,000 Gb per day. Now they expect that new networks could be constructed in order to use the technology in the next few years, most likely within the range of 40 to 100 Gbps. The 2-way connection, both ways reaching 88 Gbps to make up for a combined 186 Gpbs, sent information from ten Dell servers from British Columbia and Seattle through an optical network. This broke the earlier record, set by the

7 year old Linux Kernel Vulnerability get patched

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures ,CVE-2017-2636 gets patch.   W ay back at 2009  a large number of Linux distros, including Red Hat, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, and Ubuntu has been affected with  condition issue in the N_HLDC Linux kernel driver – which is responsible for dealing with High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) data – that leads to double-free vulnerability. Double Free ” is one of the most common memory corruption bug that occurs when the application releases same memory location twice by calling the free() function on the same allocated memory. An unauthenticated attacker may leverage this vulnerability to inject and execute arbitrary code in the security context of currently logged in user. Positive Technologies researcher A lexander Popov discovered a race condition issue in the N_HLDC Linux kernel driver – which is responsible for dealing with High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) data – that leads to double-free vulnerability. Since the flaw dates back to

Don?t Leave It,You?ll never again leave home without your wallet, keys or umbrella.

You?ll never again leave home without your wallet, keys or umbrella, using this location-based memory aid that assumes you?ll remember to take your iPhone or iPad. It?s very easy to use. Before you leave the house, tap one of 80 preset items, which bizarrely include Dog, Liquor and Clothes as well as more common forgettables, then set an Alert Distance (the default is 60 steps ).  This creates a virtual geographical boundary ? a geofence ? that triggers an alert when you cross it. It may sound sinister but it?s really just a step-counting app with notifications built in. It?s free to use, but there?s an in-app purchase of 99p to remove ads.

Run a live word count in Google Docs

Google Docs ( is handy for writing letters, reports and other types of documents. If you need to know how many words or characters you?ve written, go to the Tools menu and select ?Word count?. Better still, you can press Shift+Ctrl+C. If you select some text and press Shift+Ctrl+C, Google Docs shows the number of words in the selection. If you want a continuous update of See how many words and characters there are in a Google Docs document the number of words and characters in a document, go to Add-ons, ?Get add-ons?. Find an add-on called Better Word Count and click the ?+ Free? GENERAL PC Search the Control Panel There must be over a hundred settings in the Windows Control Panel, which can make it hard to find the one you want. Thankfully, Control Panel?s search tool makes this much easier. If you want to change a mouse setting, for example, open Control Panel, click the search box in the top-right corner and type ?mouse?. If you want to change something to do

Sick of smartphone frailty and poor battery life? Nokia 3310 relaunched-reviews

What Changed? 2017 model features   2-megapixel rear snapper, plonked just above the Nokia logo on the back. It also has a 2.4in colour display and  boasts 22 hours of talk time and one month of standby time on a single charge. The Nokia 3310 will cost around 4000/-Rs in india Available in four colours ? Warm Red and Yellow, both with a gloss finish; and Dark Blue and Grey, both with  matte finish. How will if affect you?  There?s no 3G or 4G,  The camera is poor and  It runs Nokia?s proprietary Series What do we think?  With its limited features, we don?t see many Android and iPhone users switching to this handset ? not even hipsters! Nostalgia aside, the Nokia 3310 is only likely to appeal to complete technophobes on an extremely low budget who baulk at managing the bells and whistles that clutter modern phones. Still, it would make an ideal spare handset.

Earbuds instantly translate between 37 languages

When you’re traveling in a foreign country where the dialect’s unfamiliar, there’s nothing worse than being stuck without a means of communicating. Some requests are simple enough to get across with a hand motions, but gesticulating won’t get you far if you need to ask for something more complicated than directions. The Mymanu Clik , from Manchester-based audio company Mymanu, is a wireless Bluetooth headset that’s capable of recognizing and translating between nine language packs and 37 different languages in real time, including French, Spanish, and Japanese. When powered on and paired to a smartphone, the earbuds automatically detect the language being spoken and provide a spoken translation within a sentence or two. n energy-efficient, built-in chip does the heavy lifting, and has the added benefit of offline processing — unlike most translation apps, the Clik doesn’t require an internet connection. Even better, its low power requirements mean the earbuds can last up

Chrome missing font prompts, malicious files trick.

New hacking tactic on Google Chrome that manipulates websites into displaying missing font prompts, which then trick users into downloading malicious files. The attack involves a hacker exploiting JavaScript to alter the rendering of content on a webpage, causing it to resemble mis-encoded text which appears as a jumble of symbols and shapes. The code then prompts the user to download the missing fonts through a Chrome language pack to decipher the text. The attack involves a hacker exploiting JavaScript to alter the rendering of content on a webpage , causing it to resemble mis-encoded text which appears as a jumble of symbols and shapes. The code then prompts the user to download the missing fonts through a Chrome language pack to decipher the text. A savvy user will know what version of Chrome they are running, in this case version 56 , however the prompt has version 53 hard-coded into its dialogue . It also features a rather conspicuous 'X' in the top rig

Browse Quora without logging in

Chances are that you?re familiar with Quora (, the questionand-answer site where you can request or provide advice on any topic you think of.   Quora has an irritating flaw, though, in that you need to register to access its content using either your email address, or Facebook or Google account, which means your quest for knowledge could impinge on your privacy. You can beat this restriction by using Quora Login Bypass ( ) to ? you guessed it ? bypass Quora?s login procedure. It works automatically, but for some reason searches for the term ?Quora is awesome? as it does so, perhaps out of guilt for its sneaky hack. Naturally, you can?t post on Quora without registering, but you?re free to browse the site as you wish.

Galaxy S8 DeX desktop mode leaked online

The dock is a small, round unit, with a top that flips open to reveal the actual connector. According to Android Police, there is a HDMI connection at the rear, for connecting to an external monitor. As  Android Police  cautions, however, there's currently no indication of what the desktop operating system will be like Price Samsung generally prices its flagship Galaxy phones at around £550 inc VAT, with the fancier 'Edge' variants costing a little bit more. Ordinarily, we'd use this as a basis for predicting the Galaxy S8's launch price, but rumours that Samsung may be ditching the vanilla, non-Edge versions of its devices altogether complicates this slightly. If Samsung chooses to make the Galaxy S8 Edge the default option for its new device, we could see the entry-level price rise to between £600 and £650. If the company continues its current trend of releasing both curved and non-curved models, however, expect pricing to be broadly in line with prev

World’s first 5G smartphone: New model downloads 10X faster than competition

The world’s first phone capable of using 5G connectivity to reach download speeds of up to 1GB per second was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Developed by Chinese firm ZTE the Gigabit Phone is estimated to be available from early 2019. Speaking at the MWC in Barcelona, ZTE spokesperson Eric Imbert said the increased speed would allow for “virtual reality in 360 degrees with a 4K resolution, instant cloud-storage or even obviously a super fast download speed for the phone’s applications or to watch movies.” The phone was displayed at the MWC showing off its impressive download speeds, with all phones registering just less than 1GB per second, up to ten times faster than current speeds. In a statement , ZTE said commercial pre-deployment of the Gigabit Phone would take place in late 2018. Operators are building 5G capable networks before it's rolled out on commercial 5G networks in early 2019. View image on Twitter  Follow

Summarise any web page in seconds

There?s so much interesting stuff to read online these days and so little time ? especially when articles ramble on for thousands of words. You can get the gist of a lengthy piece without perusing the whole thing by installing the new Chrome extension Tlda ( ).  When you click its toolbar button, Tlda analyses the page you?re currently viewing and summarises its content as four bullet points. It works quickly and with surprising accuracy, picking out key names, facts and quotes. We spotted a few glaring omissions in its synopses, but generally Tlda is an excellent time-saving tool

BitTorrent-Powered Ad-Free YouTube Alternative

YouTube accounts for more than a billion visitors every month, but it is not a secret that it has its weaknesses, especially when it comes to monetizing controversial content . Such weaknesses can be avoided by the recently launched BitTorrent-powered alternative. BitChute has launched, offering to hand freedom back to its users. The new service has a familiar layout for a video streaming platform: it features similar video controls, view counts, tools to vote on content, and a comment section. It is known that video content hosting platforms consume the obscene amounts of bandwidth, and therefore big hosting bills usually accompany their success.  However, BitChute does not utilize central servers – instead, it uses WebTorren t, a system which allows people to share content directly from their browser, without any additional configuration or installation. In other words, the users of the platform become hosts of the videos they’re watching, thus br

Remove hidden junk from Chrome

There are few things more annoying than having your search provider and homepage changed by a PUP (potentially unwanted program) or seeing unsightly popups and toolbars obstructing your browser. If you notice that Chrome is behaving oddly, you might be able to fix the problem by using Google?s This application will scan and remove software that may cause problems with Chrome, such as crashes, unusual startup pages or toolbars, unexpected ads you can't get rid of, or otherwise changing your browsing experience. Chrome Cleanup Tool ( cleanup417 ), which was formerly called the Software Removal Tool. Download and run it, and it will search for programs causing conflicts with Chrome, including notorious offenders such as SearchProtect, SmartWeb,, Wajam and Conduit. Click ?Remove program? to get rid of the junk, and the tool will reset Chrome to its default settings. It?s faster (if less thorough) than using security software such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Avoid clickbait on Facebook .Are you tired of clicking links on Facebook that look interesting but turn out to be nothing

Are you tired of clicking links on Facebook that look interesting but turn out to be nothing but ad-swamped drivel spread over as many pages as possible? We know we are, so we?re delighted some bright spark has created This Is Clickbait ( ) to save you wasting time on articles you ?won?t believe? or ?must read now?. Once installed, this new extension uses ?deep learning? to determine whether the title of a link that appears in your news feed indicates clickbait, and warn you if it does.  It even provides a clickbaitpercentage rating in instances when an article isn?t completely worthless but uses clickbait tactics. We found the add-on worked very well, correctly identifying copious clickbait from BuzzFeed and The Lad Bible, while