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US spy on people using aircraft with security equipment

The US Justice Department is using "feykovye" cell tower on airplanes to get free access to registration data from the phones of almost all the country's population. As told WSJ anonymous sources familiar with the secret program the US authorities, the technique of shadowing fully operational since 2007 and identifies the location of any phone with an error of only three meters. It is running the whole system like this: on the aircraft (the most commonly used small civilian aircraft company Cessna) installed special equipment - stuffed with electronics boxes in the shape of a cube. Square faces boxes are 0.6 meters in length, but the relatively small size does not prevent them to play the role of full-fledged cell phone towers. Aircraft with these devices is then lifted into the air. The operation uses five (at least) the major airports, and their location, coupled with a range of aircraft flight ensures contact with the phones of almost all of the US population

iPhone 8 schematics point with an all screen bezel-less design

 iPhone will measure in at 137.54mm tall and 67.54mm wide . The iPhone 8 is set to come with an all new design, wireless charging, an OLED display and more. The schematics also point towards the device sporting a 5.768 display which is bigger than the iPhone 7 Plus's 5.5-inch panel. The 2.5D display is rumoured to cover the entire front panel with the side bezels measuring as low as 4mm at their thinnest point .  But according to analyst Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company, the company is apparently facing a lot of issues in ramping up yield rates of the new sensor and because of that it might be forced to abandon the radical approach and make do with a more traditional fingerprint sensor instead. we can see a vertically mounted dual camera setup. This design has been doing the rounds of the internet lately and seems to be more or less a given now. According to Ben Bajarin, the position of the LED flash in between the two camera lenses is supposedly to help facilitate 3D

The first Indian Internet of Things (loT) from Reliance Group

India’s smart device market as recent studies suggest that the number of connected devices in the country are expected to rise from  200 million today to 3 billion by 2020.  And it further adds that nearly every part of the economy will be impacted by the rise of IoT solutions. Reliance Group’s dedicated IoT unit Unlimit announced it has partnered with Germany-based software provider  Cumulocity.  This partnership was aimed at fostering the development of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in India. The company has unveiled a suite of new IoT products and services clubbed under one roof —  Enablement. The Enablement platform will allow businesses to connect any device over any network and manage and store asset data collected by controlling them in real-time. This was made possible by the tools provided for monitoring and administering device availability, and also rectifying device faults. The ‘Enablement’ application development suite extends from its own connectivity too

"long" battery without fear of explosions, fires and degradation of materials

Scientists have figured out how to change the crystal structure of the cathode in lithium-ion batteries to significantly improve the efficiency and extend the life without compromising security . The study is published in the prestigious journal Nature Materials . Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used as the primary source of energy in modern portable equipment - laptops, tablets, mobile phones and cameras. Lithium is the charge carrier when the battery is charged, lithium ions leave the crystal lattice of a mixed oxide of a transition metal , capable of changing its degree of oxidation. In modern batteries typically used, cobalt oxide and layered lithium.   The crystal structure of the layered cathode material LiCoO 2 Two basic characteristics of a lithium-ion battery - the number of charging cycles and the capacity (amount of lithium leaving the crystal lattice during the charge and returning back at discharge). The problem is that all of the lithium never leaves the cat

Snake Charmer

Rare: Snake Charmer caught two 4-foot cobra with his bare hands and removed their fangs - Fearless Indonesian snake charmer caught two 4-foot king cobra with his bare hands and removed their fangs. These beasts can kill an elephant in one bite! 22-year-old Roni Kurniawan (Roni Kurniawan) from the Indonesian province of Riau fearlessly operates two king cobra and is not afraid to keep the snakes are literally a few inches from his face.  Fortunately, scaly lack fangs and they can not injure a human being. Snakes terrorize the local village. Local residents appealed for help to Rony, who is known in the neighborhood as a snake charmer. Fearless caster successfully caught creeping reptiles and deprived of their teeth. One of the cobras, which received the nickname of Ice (Ice), after being deprived of its poisonous teeth, managed to bite the caster, but Roni compared the attack with "sting". King cobras can reach a length of up to 5.5 meters and live in the wild and 20 year

YouTube Go. The New YouTube App which use Low Data Connection.

YouTube Go Use Low Data Connection Yes, Guys, this most trending application uses your Internet connection but low data consuming. Event no Internet connection, You still able to use this application for watching and sharing videos. This app works well with the low-speed Internet connection. So, YouTube Go Download on your android device and start using and enjoy it. Features of YouTube Go Apk You can send and receive YouTube videos with super fast. You can watch videos with low-speed even no Internet connection. Control Internet data. Download videos while controlling Internet data. All your favorite videos in one place. You can stay updated with daily new videos and download it. Download videos and watch your favorite YouTube videos. Instantly share  videos with wifi direct feature – no data used to share. Search for any YouTube videos and discover latest videos. A small size of app 8.5MB. Here are some of YouTube Go’s most notable featu