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The first Indian Internet of Things (loT) from Reliance Group

India’s smart device market as recent studies suggest that the number of connected devices in the country are expected to rise from 200 million today to 3 billion by 2020. And it further adds that nearly every part of the economy will be impacted by the rise of IoT solutions.
Reliance Group’s dedicated IoT unit Unlimit announced it has partnered with Germany-based software provider Cumulocity. This partnership was aimed at fostering the development of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in India.
The company has unveiled a suite of new IoT products and services clubbed under one roof — Enablement.

The Enablement platform will allow businesses to connect any device over any network and manage and store asset data collected by controlling them in real-time. This was made possible by the tools provided for monitoring and administering device availability, and also rectifying device faults. The ‘Enablement’ application development suite extends from its own connectivity tools to Cumulocity’s IoT platform.

The ‘Enablement’ platform and its suite of customized products provide end customers in many specialist vertical markets with the tools to easily embed IoT into their business, rapidly exploit the benefits and continuously evolve to their demands and desires.


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