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The negative effects of social media on young people's health.

A total of 1479 people participated, age ranged from 14 to 24 years. Young people respond to questions concerning, in particular, their favorite social networks: the volunteers were asked to rate them according to indicators such as the "alarm", "loneliness", "depression", "insult", "creation of the external image." Total attended by 14 positions, to consider such popular resources such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.   The survey showed that the greatest danger is Instagram application. Its active use led to increased anxiety, poor sleep and the appearance of a sense of their own inadequacy. Total Instagram was sharply negative assessments on 7 indicators. The second "honorable" place went Snapchat-in. Scientists themselves see this as a direct relationship, as both a resource "incarcerated" under the image that makes a person feel inferior when viewing photos of other people. Twitter and

Apple has registered in the United States the Federal Service for Communications strange device with Bluetooth and NFC.

The device has been certified under the model number A1846. It is noted that none of the device has not previously assigned to this number. It is known that the device 100 to 700 milliamps and 5.5 to 13.2 volts, which corresponds to the set-top box Apple TV data (920 mA and 12 volts). Analysts suggest that the device is intended for retail corporation Apple. Maybe this will be the instrument used to iBeacon technology that allows you to interact iOS-devices in the immediate vicinity.  In September 2016 Apple Certified gadget with model number A1844 and the same parameters as in the A1846.

US National Aeronautics and Space Administration has sent to the International Space Station superbugs.

NASA is sending superbug bacteria into space to study why it proliferates in microgravity. Longer term, the space agency wants to keep astronauts healthy during long voyages to asteroids or Mars. The superbug, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) or staph, was included in a cargo of nearly over 5,000 pounds of equipment, supplies and research material launched on SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on Sunday from Florida. Delivery of the microorganism was carried out on the Dragon spacecraft. Superbugs belongs to the genus staphylococci and resistant to antibiotics. It can provoke quite a large range of illnesses, from mild infection to pneumonia, sepsis, meningitis. NASA plans to conduct many experiments with bacteria, to study the effect gravity on the growth and signs of its mutations. "My hypothesis is that microgravity accelerates the process of mutation. If we can use the microgravity as an accelerator, it will make a leap forward and be able to understand how it w

Sensor data leak from your mobile phones, can steal valuable informations.

When the mobile phone goes to the ear, the screen is locked without touching the screen, changing the phone's screen to switch to silence mode, the new song comes in the course of the music when you listen to the song, the car starts playing the game with the car. The sensors on every phone are the answer to how this is possible. Today we have an average of 25 sensors per phone, including the camera, microphone and GPS. The hackers now have a new weapon - accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, digital compass and proximity sensor. Data from each sensor is being collected. It's an analysis of various apps and websites. For instance, some phones have apps that increase and decrease the brightness of the screen, depending on the surrounding light. You can also save your battery. The screen brightness switched on the ambient light sensor is recognized by light levels. Most people ask for access to sensors before installing apps. The user will be al

Hacker has been cheating employees including Google, Apple and Facebook.

The tech world heard the news that the hacker had hit 100 million dollars (around Rs 634 crore) of Google and Facebook employees. For the last two years, the hacker has been cheating employees including Google, Apple and Facebook. Hawking is thought to have been the man named Ewaldus Rimasukas, 48, from Lithuania. In addition to Google, Facebook, and computers from Taiwan, computer hardware manufacturer Quanta was also used for fraud. Planetary fraud took place without any serious loopholes. RIMASUKAS was planning to tap into the world's predecessor computer experts. The fraud was collected from the bank by collecting email addresses, invoices, corporate stamps and viral transfer request letters. The fraud was collected on the charge of the finance departments of these companies and those who were authorized to issue the invoice. Google filed a fraudulent account with the name of the Quantum and submitted it to the Facebook finance authorities. They handed over the a

Google's Project 'Fi' a network of networks

Project Fi is Google’s attempt to provide affordable yet quality network service to users across the U.S. The search engine giant extended a taste of its additional data-serving feature called ‘Wi-Fi Assistant’ under the project to all Nexus users about a few months ago. VoLTE assists users to browse data while they are on a call and helps in quick call setup. A user can easily identify a VoLTE call as signal indicators display LTE instead of falling to H [HSPA] when you make or receive a call. Though there are many other operators offering similar service in the U.S. like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile; mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), Project Fi beats them all. To be a beneficiary of Project Fi, a user will have to subscribe to Google’s Project Fi wireless service. Google charges a high pay of $20 a month along with $10 for every gigabyte of data a user uses for the service. However, the feature will only work if you’re one of the Fi subscribers. The update was