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Li-Fi - a secure analogue of Wi-Fi.

Most studies have concluded that Wi-Fi is generally safe, but some people are still worried about the fact that we bathe in the rays of electromagnetic radiation around the clock. In order to completely protect against negative influence, the researchers developed Li-Fi or Light Fidelity, where the invisible flicker of the light source transmits data at a very high speed to 224 gigabits per second. Problems with interference also do not arise, since the connection operates at radio frequency, but can not pass through the walls. Oledcomm, a French company that deals with commercial equipment with LiFi, has already installed it in hospitals and other places where people are worried about the harmful effects of WiFi, and recently introduced a table lamp designed by Pierre Garner of Eliumstudio. The lamp was brought to North America, to an exhibition of CES, taking place in Las Vegas and has already won two awards. As the developer writes: "LiFi provides data

Intex and Samsung TV launched built in Set-up Box TV with Free air to view channels and Radio Channels

Samsung and Airtel Digital TV are giving the integrated DTH TV thought another shot. The two launched Integrated Digital TV (iDTV), beneath that Samsung’s vary of SmartDirect TVs can return designed with AN in-built Airtel digital satellite tuner which is able to alter DTH signal reception while not the requirement for purchasers to put in AN external set-top-box (STB). “The Integrated Digital TV (iDTV) capability can deliver a sensible TV viewing expertise for purchasers through higherimage quality and most audio & video clarity whereas conjointly making certain most power savings,” same the businesses. The two claimed that integration the set prime box can lead to a discount in signal loss (between the set-top-box and TV). iDTV conjointly offers one remote resolution powered by AN intuitive user guide. “The in-built Airtel DTH charge account credit supports direct signal reception from the dish, therefore sanctionativecrystal clear audio-video quality and creating these Sam