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Interesting technology for next level folding touch screen

Not so but very beautiful picture collection

TGS Click: some amazing pictures  

10 breakthrough technologies of 2018

10 disruptive technologies that are not yet widely used, or, on the contrary, will be generally available soon. 1. 3D-printed metal By itself, the 3D-press has been around for a very long time, but it was used mainly for working with plastic. All other materials - especially metals - were for this technology is too expensive. Now 3D-press metal products became available, widely applicable and soon will change the system of mass production. In particular, the missing item can be simply printed together in a single copy, instead of organizing large-scale production. For older cars, televisions and other equipment disappear rarity problem of the lack of spare parts. Plants will be able to diversify its range of mechanisms, adapting them to the specific needs of customers. And no need to buy new equipment for it. Thus, a patient in the UK installed rib printed titanium. The French company Stelia Aerospace printed panel fyuzelyazhas self-strengthening effect. A Dutch shipbuilde

Nanogenerator: generate energy from body movements to charge mobile devive.

T he smartphone is dead, and no outlet near ... This situation is familiar to almost everyone. Scientists from the Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Buffalo have offered the solution. They have created a tiny charge for gadgets in the form of pads on the finger. This device is called a triboelectric nanogenerator can convert into electricity the energy of simple movements. Study leader, Professor Gian Tsyaotsyan believes that our body contains a lot of energy, which can be used entirely for the electric charge. Triboelectric effect or triboelectric charge occurs in friction against each other some materials. We can often see this phenomenon in the form of static electricity. The new device is a strip size 1,5h1 cm, which is made of two thin gold layers, separated by a layer of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). PDMS - it's the same silikonpolimer contained in contact lenses, or "smart" plasticine.Stretching the laye

Get gold from your old sim card?

 Around 45 million tons of electronic waste is dumped into garbage.All this contain many precious metals.  Gold worth more than $ 20 billion was simply thrown away as electronic waste. Other precious metals, such as silver, copper, platinum and palladium, are also discarded. Researchers hope that this new method can help limit the amount of raw material waste in the future - and even, perhaps, reduce the amount that currently accounts for landfills. Read more....

Bamboo electric bike from the Philippine company Meep

  its maximum speed is limited to 97 kilometers per hour.   Power reserve - 50 kilometers. The motorcycle is designed for the government program Bamboo Extreme, whose participants were to present innovative ideas for the use of bamboo stems.   By 2020, the Philippine authorities intend to plant 10 million hectares of this plant.