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Free Test for email breach

Change your password immediately if your account has been breached.

23 stunning pictures of Russia from FIFA 2018 worldcup

Get to know stadium for Fifa2018 World cup  

India discovered largest natural gas reserves in the world

What are gas hydrates? Gas hydrates are a crystalline solid formed of water and gas. It looks and acts much like ice, but it contains huge amounts of methane; it is known to occur on every continent; and it exists in huge quantities in marine sediments in a layer several hundred meters thick directly below the sea floor and in association with permafrost in the Arctic. It is not stable at normal sea-level pressures and temperatures, which is the primary reason that it is a challenge to study. Gas hydrates are important for three reasons: They may contain a major energy resource It may be a significant hazard because it alters sea floor sediment stability, influencing collapse and landsliding     The hydrate reservoir may have strong influence on the environment and climate, because methane is a significant greenhouse gas. The Indian Coast of India, including Cochin, has found huge gas emissions to meet the demand for the country for 300 years. According to the US Geolog

Google Earth 20 curious images



Scoring 50-38 points. You are satisfied with yourself and are confident in yourself. You have a great need to dominate people, like to emphasize your "I", highlight your opinion .You do not care what people say about you, but you yourself tend to criticize others.The more points you have, the more suitable the definition: "You love yourself, but do not love others."But you have one drawback: take yourself too seriously, do not take any critical information.And even if you do not like the results of the test, most likely, you will "defend" the statement "everyone is lying calendars." It's a pity… 37-24 points . You live in harmony with yourself, you know yourself and you can trust yourself. You have a valuable ability to find a way out of difficult situations, both personal and in relationships with people. The formula of your attitude to yourself and others can be expressed in words: "I am pleased with myself, I am pleased