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24 thoughts to get rid of in order to become happy |സന്തോഷം നേടാൻ ഈ 24 ചിന്തകൾ ഒഴിവാക്കണം

1. Trying to be someone that you are not. If you are forced to imitate someone, you can never become one.  Strive to become better, based on who you are and what you have to offer to the world.  2. Tell yourself it's too late. Life is actions and opportunities , not regrets. It is never too late to change things for the better. 3. Strives to be right all the time. You are a person , and people make mistakes and cannot know everything. This is normal - to err and not to know, and all the more normal - to declare it directly. 4. Talking bad about yourself. Sometimes you become your worst enemy.  If you do not allow anyone to talk like this about your spouse or best friend, do not say it about yourself - even in your own mind.  5. Passivity without progress. If you decide to be a bystander in your own life, how can you expect something important to happen?  Passivity does not bring happiness and satisfaction.  6. You are feeling guilty. No amount of guil