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How to find your perfume fragrance: Cool, warm or dynamic?

We share with you a few simple tips from perfumers that will help you find  your fragrance  and not make a mistake. A few words about perfume fragrances Choosing a perfume, it is important to know that the smell of high-quality  perfume means is  "revealed" not immediately. This happens gradually, by notes: •  top or first  - the lightest. Due to the presence of alcohol fragrance, it evaporates after 15 minutes. The first is often a touch of flowers or citrus; •  middle or second  is the “heart” of the perfume. This fragrance is soft and light. It unfolds within 1 hour; To buy perfume after you sniffed a cap in the store or it is not the right decision. After all, without letting each note open, you risk choosing not what you need. Better take a paper strip tester with your favorite scent and smell it all day long, and then just make the final choice. •  bottom or base  is a stub fragrance that is the longest playing. If you liked it, then it is worth choos