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Why you need to leave Facebook

Facebook is perhaps the most compromise online platform you can imagine. On the one hand, its users are well aware that you should not even think about any protection when using it. And, on the other hand, they continue to use it not only for workers, but also for personal purposes, supplying Mark Zuckerberg and his partners with confidential information about themselves. Another thing is that not everyone is ready to compromise with themselves. “There are many different people in the world and some believe that the benefits that Facebook gives them are worth the privacy they lose by using a social network. But here is my advice to such people - you need to abandon Facebook as soon as possible, ”the inventor emphasized. Why you should abandon Facebook According to Wozniak, he is very concerned about the invasion of technology companies in the privacy of their customers. But the worst thing is that users themselves do not care about their privacy at all. They share information

How to increase IQ by 23% in three steps?

There is an easy way to increase your intellectual abilities.  Crystallized intelligence There are two types of intelligence - crystallized and mobile. Crystallized intelligence is your ability to apply information, skills and existing experience, that is, we are talking about the knowledge accumulated in the brain. It builds up with age, and is given great importance in most Western cultures (especially since they learned how to measure it using standardized tests). Moving intelligence, by contrast, is your ability to define patterns, solve new problems, and apply logic in new situations. The point here is not how much you know, but in your ability to show creativity, understanding, innovation and foresight. Improving crystallized knowledge is not difficult - you need to read, listen to podcasts, accumulate factual information, and learn. The situation is different with mobile intelligence. It does not concern facts and knowledge, but your ability to work w