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How exercise can reduce the risk of death from COVID-19

 COVID-19 pandemic teaches us something, it is important to be healthy and have a strong immune response. In addition to old age, people with diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are at an increased risk of complications caused by it, and it has been found that obesity is the most important determinant after old age for whether a patient will need to be hospitalized. Obesity is a risk factor for severe COVID-19 disease According to researchers from the Grossman School of New York University, obese patients and COVID-19 are at greater risk than patients with cardiovascular disease or heart disease . This should come as no surprise, given that previous studies have linked obesity with reduced immune function and an increased risk of infection. “Adipose tissue is now considered an extremely active endocrine organ that secretes cytokine-like hormones called adipokines, either pro- or anti-inflammatory factors that bind metabolism to the immune system. Historically, leptin is one of

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